stories in stills and motion

Hi, I'm Alex and I run DONOTUNPLUG Productions. This place started out sometime around 2010 as a mishmash of interests, hobbies, and ideas that needed a small corner of their own... a place to share my select collections of work and an outlet to share my passion, opinions and thoughts on all things photography, astronomy, cinema, design, and visual arts.
Today DONOTUNPLUG has matured into a creative production company with focus on Portraiture, Weddings, Events, Corporate Videos, and Promos.  I know how frustrating photo and video production can get and I am fully committed to every project throughout the entire process - from location scouting to post-production, I always got your back!  After all... I DO NOT UNPLUG until the job is done and your project is complete ;)
I am a pretty straight forward guy, so If you like what you see and would like to talk some more, hire me to photograph your event, a portrait, capture a promotional clip or have other ideas just send me an email.  If you are a photo/cinematographer, astrophotogrpahy enthusiast, a model, or simply interested in collaboration on creative projects - please feel free to send me a note as well!
THANKS! I WILL RESPOND SHORTLY! may also email me directly here: